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Privacy Policy

Important Information You Need to Know

At Network Cars & Couriers Limited, we recognise the importance of privacy protection. The following outlines our policy. Please read it very carefully, as it summarises how we at Network Cars & Couriers Limited will treat your personal data. 

The data that you send to us will only be used as specified below, and will not be abused in any way. This includes information sent via mail, phone conversation, fax, email or in our online forms. 

We will not sell, trade, distribute, post or manage your private information freely and illegally. We at Network Cars & Couriers Limited assure you that your information will be used in a legal business manner, and that it will be used as specified below, and with your consent. 

Please be advised that our privacy policy may be amended from time to time. 

When Do We Collect Your Data? 

Your data will be collected when you:

  • Request information via email or through the website
  • Leave us your feedback
  • Speak to our representative on the phone
  • Sign up using our Web booker form

When Do We Use Your Data?

  • To reply to your queries promptly, via any of the communication methods we’ve highlighted

Your Consent is Important to Us 

By disclosing your personal data to us via the website, by mail, email or by telephone, you consent to the collating, storing, and processing of your personal data by Network Cars & Couriers Limited in the manner as set out in this privacy policy.

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